From 28.06.2017 to 05.07.2017 I will be staying on the magnificent island of Korcula. And it’s an incredible opportunity to stand before my lens with your beloved second half.

And I will make sure that the pictures from our meeting are a special memorial for you for many years!


Great location, your feelings, closeness to it all makes for incredible memories.


I suggest you spend two hours in an outdoor session,

where you will receive a minimum of 40 photos
after the author’s post processing!


How am I working?

In photography I am looking for your feelings. I avoid artificial poses, interfere with what is between you!

Durring the photoshoot your love and the light are the most important features

At the session, you are free and unconcerned, I am looking for a golden center between you and beautiful photo frame.


How long does it take to prepare your pictures?

– After two weeks you will get access to the site where you will be able to select your 40 photos from a pool of about 80 photos.

– All photos are given author’s post processing

– Of course you can pick extra shots!

Something special for You!

There is not much time. I’m aware of that, so that’s why

I prepared a special offer!



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